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All Hypertensives look alike….

…But each is different when you look inside.

There are many co morbid conditions associated with Hypertension like Diabetes, Renal Impairment, Dyslipidaemia, elderly patients.

Therefore, in Hypertension with co-morbid conditions, please prescribe Telod 40/80- a brand of Telmisartan 40/80 mg tablets.

In Essential Hypertension, Dyslipidaemia, Diabetes & Elderly Hypertension, rely on Telod as

In Essential Hypertension
Telmisartan is more effective at protecting renal function and vascular endothelial function, and at improving arteriosclerosis in patients with essential hypertension.

In Elderly Hypertension
It controls hypertension and reduces vascular risk in high-risk elderly patients with new-onset diabetes

In Diabetes
Telmisartan decreases insulin sensitivity, & lower insulin resistance.

In Dyslipidaemia
Telmisartan not only control blood pressure steadily and effectively, but also, decrease blood TG, increase HDL cholesterol.

Recommended dose is 40 mg/ 80 mg tablet once daily.