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Citipex 200 mg tablet which always protect the fragile network in the brain.

• The neuroprotective Citicoline increases phosphatidylcholine synthesis.

• Exogenous administration of CDP-choline provides both choline and cytidine which access the brain and serve as substrates for the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine

• In ischemic stroke, in 54% of patients on Citicoline showed improvement

• Citicoline increases glucose metabolism in the brain and cerebral blood flow

• Citicoline modestly improves memory and behavioural outcomes.

Indications of Regucoline are
• Cerebrovascular disorders
• Alzheimer's disease
• Head trauma of varying severity, cognitive disorders
• Parkinson's disease
• Treatment of complications and consequences of a stroke.

Dosage is 1-2 tablets in a day or as directed by the Physician

Therefore please prescribe the Neuroprotector Regucoline